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    Tomorrow Deus Ex is turning 24 years old, and DXRando is turning 4 years old!

    Biggest Changes Since v2.0

    • You can now pet the dog! And other animals too. With bingo goals.
    • Way more goals randomization
    • Mirrored maps
    • Installer program
    • New game modes:
      • WaltonWare mode - A quick option to get into the game without the time commitment of the full game! You start in a random mission and win by completing one bingo. As New Game+ keeps making it harder, see how fast you can complete them or how many you can complete!
      • WaltonWare Entrance Rando - both modes combined!
      • Zero Rando - great for first-time Deus Ex players to benefit from the bug fixes, QoL improvements, and balance changes we’ve made, without any randomization.
      • DXR Vanilla Fixer: This one is for the purists. Use our new installer program and it will do compatibility fixes for the vanilla game (Kentie’s Launcher, D3D10, DXVK, Engine.dll fix, and more), then just run DeusEx.exe as normal and the gameplay will be unchanged but with high frame rates and resolutions!
      • Randomizer Lite - randomizes some things without interfering with the immersion and mood of the game. Great for players who haven’t played Deus Ex in a long time, or if you’re intimidated by the full Randomizer.
      • Randomizer Medium - similar to Randomizer Lite but with more randomization features enabled by default. Remember you can tweak the settings in the Advanced menu to play with any randomization level you want.
      • Serious Sam mode - same as the normal game but with 10x as many enemies. The player has increased health and takes reduced damage to compensate.
      • Speedrun mode - speedrun with fewer resets while still being able to enjoy higher difficulties. And a built in splits viewer!
      • As well as the old Entrance Randomizer mode and Horde mode
    • Enemies overhaul with more variety, augs, helmets, face shields to protect from tear gas, and randomized patrol routes.
    • Now up to 337 bingo goals
    • Randomized music, continuous music, and support for Unreal and Unreal Tournament music
    • Auto augs to reduce fumbling with all your F-keys
    • Many more possible locations for items, datacubes, nanokeys, crates, and enemies to appear.
    • Loot refusal system.
    • Reduced pixel hunting
      • Datacubes/nanokeys/medbots/repairbots now glow
      • Crates that become emptied now turn into cardboard boxes so you know from a distance
      • Training mission improvements including explanation of some of Randomizer’s features